About Us

The Candy Lab 

The mission of Champlain Islands Candy Lab is to create unique sweets by pairing innovative artisanal extracts and creative flavor combinations with classical candy making techniques. These indulgent treats are lovingly crafted in the Champlain Islands of Vermont using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.


How It All Began

Albert and Michael, cofounders of Champlain Islands Candy Lab, discovered the beauty of the Champlain Islands in 2013. They visited on weekends and holidays, getting to know the Islands and the locals. In 2016, after 3 years of commuting from NYC, they decided to become full-time residents.

For nearly 20 years, Albert and Michael had dreamed of opening their own business, but there were three requirements: it had to be focused on food, their shared passion; it had to offer creative opportunities; and it had to be fun. Given their love of chocolate and the quality and variety of fruits and vegetables produced in the unique micro climate of the Champlain Islands, the decision was easy: a chocolate candy company that featured the flavors of local produce.

For Albert, a biochemist by training, working with chocolate, caramels, and flavor extracts offered him the opportunity to apply his scientific skills in a fun and creative way. He received his Professional Chocolatier certification from Ecole Chocolat in Paris in the spring of 2017, and got to work creating recipes.

After nearly 30 years in medical marketing, Michael was ready for a new challenge. He focused on growing his own berries, fruits, and vegetables for Albert to use to develop extracts. He also began research and development of new flavor combinations and started experimenting with different chocolate bar techniques.

In November of 2017, Champlain Islands Candy Lab was officially open for business online and at limited retailers. Research and development continue, and experiments with new techniques and flavor combinations are ongoing. Albert and Michael supplement what they grow with maple, honey, and other produce from local farms, resulting in the ongoing addition of new menu items.