Our Store

Located on South Street in South Hero, VT, coming into the store is an experience like "going to a jewelry store". 



Many locals already stop by regularly for a sweet treat, an Espresso, a rich cup of drinking chocolate or a bakery special,
such as the mouth-watering Apple Fritters with cider glaze. Those farther away should consider making the trip.


The store is an epicurean delight!

Filled with a variety of unique chocolate sweets along with savory Biscuits, Crepes, Fritters, Brownies, Cakes, Tarts, Pies, Gummies,
home-made Ice Cream and more. These indulgent treats are lovingly crafted in the Champlain Islands of Vermont using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. A menu is available and published daily.

The retail display case holds more bars of white, milk and dark chocolate that boasted generous nuggets of ginger snaps, candied ginger or potato chips. Biting into a selection of molded and hand-painted chocolate hearts, domes and flowers revealed Champlain Islands Candy Lab’s varied signature flavored caramel fillings. They’re made with honey, apple cider, maple, wild raspberries and even the juice of sweet potatoes and corn — all locally sourced. A cake stand sparkled with sugar-coated lavender, orange blossom and raspberry jelly candies called “gummibomben,” a hybrid of gumdrops and gummy bears.