Glazed Pecans

We hand sort our plump pecans prior to roasting to ensure the best quality and taste. We use only natural flavors and extracts, as well as the freshest spices possible. Check back frequently for new additions!

  • Chinese 5 Spice Pecans

    This is one of the Candy Lab’s experiments that turned out to be a real winner! Our hand-selected pecans are roasted and coated in an unexpectedly addictive combination of cinnamon, cloves, anise seed, fennel seed, and ginger. Not real sweet, and...

  • Maple-Banana-Sugared Pecans

    A twist on our best seller, we decided to infuse banana into our maple-sugared pecans and we just couldn’t believe the results!  Neither will you…..its like banana bread with the bread!  

  • Maple-Sugared Pecans

    Our simplest recipe is our best-selling flavor! Plump, meaty pecans are coated in our special blend of locally sourced maple, Vermont creamery butter, and sugar. Great over ice cream or straight out of the bag.

  • Sweet Heat Pecans

    Large pecans are roasted and coated in our proprietary mix of sugars, cayenne and other peppers, and natural flavors that start off sweet and then transition to surprisingly spicy sweet, then hot, snack. Great in salads, but you’ll probably just...